Set of 6 Australian Arts & Crafts Silver Coffee Spoons, J A B Linton Perth c1920


Set of 6 Australian silver coffee spoons by James Linton, each terminal having a different flower head with the bowls having a hammered/planished finish.
The Linton's silver workshop in Perth was established early in the 20th century by James Walter Robert Linton. Born in Britain James Walter Robert Linton, was a trained painter and teacher of art, whose father was a practitioner and advocate for watercolour painting. James Walter Robert Linton came to Australia in 1896 to follow up an investment his father had made, and ending up staying. He taught art in Perth and returned to England in 1907-08 to study metalwork. On his return to Perth he went into partnership with another silversmith, Arthur Cross. On Cross' death in 1917, he was joined in the business by his son Jamie, who took over the running of the workshop. James Alexander Barrow Linton was born in Perth in 1904. Known as Jamie, he studied at the Perth Technical College and by 1921 was his fathers assistant in his silver smithing activities. He left Perth in 1926 to study in London and Paris. He returned to Perth in 1927 and worked with his father, eventually taking over the business and continuing the tradition of silver smithing. He died in 1980. In original cardboard box with makers label inside.

Country of Origin
W  2.25 cm
H  11.00 cm
D  1.00 cm
Sterling Silver
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